Direct Contact Integration Explained

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Direct Contact Integrations are connected as additional integrated workflows that require different pieces of information than a standard API integration in order to process requests. For vendors without a workable API for DataGrail, we provide a form system to the processor in order to facilitate compliance with those systems. We refer to these as Direct Contact Integrations.


Only the following users will have access to connecting Direct Contact Integrations: 

  • Super Admin
  • Connections Manager

Direct Contact Integration Experience



Super Admin users or Connection Manager users assigned to a particular integration can connect the integration. This User must provide 

  • Connection Name (Required) 
  • Processor Email (Required)
    • Email address of the processor. This is where requests will be sent. We recommend using the email address of your internal admin of this system or the internal system owner.
  • Account Id and Name for the service (Optional)
    • Displayed in the form that goes to the processor. Can be used to verify that the controller holds the account 
  • Notes (Optional)
    • Displayed in the form that goes to the processor. Can be used to verify that the controller holds the account and/or provide processing instructions. 

You can click on the Help Docs button for more information as well.


Processor Experience

Processors will receive a link to a form that allows them to respond to the request. They will receive an initial request and reminders every other day until the request is stopped or expired. These initial requests and reminders are sent in email format from the DataGrail platform and are customizable. Learn more about processing requests as a Direct Contact processor here.


Things to Know

Any updates to the above fields will be applied to future privacy requests and will not apply to requests that are actively retrieving data or deleting data within the DataGrail Request Manager.


Disclaimer: The information contained in this message does not constitute as legal advice. We would advise seeking professional counsel before acting on or interpreting any material.

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