Direct Contact Deadline Automation Settings

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When a Direct Contact integration is connected, DataGrail will email the processor with instructions informing them to respond to the access or deletion request. If the request is not completed, the customer will have a few options of how to proceed; as covered in this article.



Only the following users will have access to connecting and updating Direct Contact Integrations: 

  • Super Admin
  • Connections Manager


By default, DataGrail provides direct contact integrations with 14 days to respond. When connecting an Direct Contact integration to DataGrail, you will be provided two different options for what to do when that 14 day deadline is hit:

  • Automatically continue processing the request and skip this integration
  • Pause processing the request




Automatically continue processing the request and skip this integration: When the 14 days pass and the Integration has not responded, this Integration will be skipped and the request will continue to process per the normal workflow.

Pause processing the request: When the 14 days pass an email will be sent to Super Admin users on your team notifying them that the 14 days have passed and DataGrail has not received a response. At this point, there are two options:

  • Follow-up with the Integration's processor outside of the DataGrail platform
  • Manually stop the Integration from processing
    • This can be done by clicking on the request, locating the Direct Contact integration towards the bottom, and clicking Stop Processing for the integration in question.

Once all Integrations have responded or have been stopped, the request will continue to process per the normal workflow.


Interested in learning more about Access and Deletion request lifecycles? Check out our Access and Deletion Request Lifecycle article here.


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