Setting Up a CNAME With AWS

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To allow DataGrail to host the forms your customers will use to submit privacy requests, you first need to configure two CNAMES in your AWS account. After signing in to the AWS console, follow the steps in this article to configure both CNAME records.

1. Add CNAME record value to allow DataGrail to host your privacy url.

Set the DNS CNAME record from:

preferences.[customer-domain].com to [customer-domain]

For example, if your company's domain was "coolcompany" your DNS CNAME name record would look like the following: to


2. Add another CNAME record to allow DataGrail to get a SSL certificate for your forms.

This CNAME record will be populated with values provided to you by DataGrail. Once you have these values, set the DNS CNAME record from:

[DataGrail provided value].preferences to [DataGrail provided value]

You're all set!

Note: CNAME records can take up to 72 hours to propagate so the urls may not be immediately available to visit. If you run into any problems, take a screenshot of your CNAME configurations and contact


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