Connecting an Integration for Request Manager

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Integrations are a core function of DataGrail and help you get the most out of the platform. By connecting these systems, customers are able to reduce compliance risk and the overall time to complete requests.



Only the following users will have access to connecting Direct Contact Integrations: 

  • Super Admin
  • Connections Manager (You will need to be the System Admin for the specific system in order to connect)



On this view you will be able to view all Integrations available for you to connect to alongside the ones you have already connected. Connected Integrations will appear with a green check and a Connected message, while disconnected Integrations will appear with a red x-mark and a Connection Error message. A connected integration is one DataGrail will search during privacy requests to locate and download or delete the data subject data.

DataGrail supports API and Direct Contact integrations depending on the system. Once connected, these Integrations will be where DataGrail searches for your customers’ data.




To connect an API integration, simply click on the Configure New Integration button and search for the integration. Clicking on the Configure button will open the connection UI where connection instructions can be found by clicking the View Connection Instructions. The help docs should cover all the steps necessary to connect an integration but, if you interested in learning more, visit what's needed to connect a system to DataGrail.


Once an integration is connected, you’ll see a green 'Successful connection' alert at the top of the page and a green check mark next to "Connected" on the system from that point on.




and a green checkmark appearing on the connection itself.



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