Live Data Map Overview

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Live Data Map is a key component of DataGrail that helps you identify and track systems via your DataGrail Privacy Platform that may contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Within Live Data Map, you can add, track, and update information about these systems.


DataGrail User Roles

Only the following User Roles will have access to Live Data Map:

  • Super Admin

  • Live Data Map Admin
  • Inventory Manager

NOTE : Only customers that have purchased Live Data Map will have access to this tool. Combining any user roles that do not have access to this UI with any of the above user roles that do have access to this functionality will grant a user access to these updates. e.g. If a user had a Live Data Map Admin Role, adding a Super Admin Role to their user record would then allow them access to Request Policies.



Live Data Map consists of three sections, you can learn about each by clicking the links below:



Systems can either be manually added to your DataGrail inventory or you can connect various SAML/SSO tools that DataGrail will use to automatically detect new systems within the Live Data Map for you.



The Live Data Map builds reports that offer insights and compliance See these articles for more info:


If you have any questions about this feature, please reach out to your dedicated CSM or


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