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Access your Inventory within DataGrail by clicking the "Live Data Map" link in the top navigation bar, then clicking "Inventory"


The Inventory sub-tab of your Live Data Map has two components: System Inventory and Additional Systems. Within these sections you can view all systems in your inventory, add new systems you want to track, assign system owners, and update the systems report for each. The following sections dive deeper into the features and functionality of the inventory tab.

System Inventory

The system Inventory section will display all currently connected systems you are tracking through DataGrail.


Each system will be listed with the following columns:

  • Systems: Your connected system
  • Users: You can assign the owners of a system here
  • Personal Data: Likelihood the system contains personal data
    • This is determined by the function of the system and what kind of data DataGrail has seen in other implementations of the system
  • Sources: How this system was sourced into your Inventory
    • The Customer source refers to all systems that were manually added from the Live Data Map -> Other section to the Inventory 
    • Any Integration source refers to the integration that this system was detected in; Systems that fit this definition were pre-populated in the Live Data Map -> Detected section and were manually added to the Inventory
  • Business Processes: Basic function of the system
  • Date Detected: Date system was detected by DataGrail
  • Actions: Edit and approve systems report or remove the connection

Additional Systems

The Additional systems section shows Detected and Other systems that have not been added to your system inventory.




The Detected tab lists systems identified by DataGrail’s system discovery service. This service runs automatically with select third party integrations and can help you identify systems containing PII that may be unaccounted for.These systems can be added to your System Inventory by clicking the "+" button in the Actions column.




The Other tab includes a full list of vendors you can connect to using DataGrail. Including systems from this list helps fill out your systems report. Adding your systems here for tracking helps you keep an up-to-date system inventory you and your team can rely on for tracking. These systems can be added to your system inventory by clicking the "+" button in the top right corner of the logo. If you don’t see a connection in this list, you can select the Custom System option to add it in. This will require you to add the details in the system report manually.

Tip: Use the browser search function (Control+f on Windows and Command+f on Mac) and type the name of the system you are looking for to find systems faster.


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