Supported Cloud Storage Solutions

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The use of a storage solution allows DataGrail to send the data collected for a Privacy Request to a designated location on our customer's instance.

When retrieving the requester's data for access and deletion requests, DataGrail encrypts data at rest and in transit when sending to your storage solution. Customers can then encrypt the storage instance per your security posture and purge the data as needed. 

Supported storage solutions include:

  • Amazon S3

  • Google Cloud Storage (GCS)

  • Microsoft Azure Blob

Should you require another solution, please contact for assistance. 

Connection Instructions: 

Please visit Integrations >> Configure New Integration: search for [Storage Solution] >> Configure >> Help Docs for details 



Data Size

Since this storage solution is used to house all request data generated for a requester, the volume of data is based on the number of records that will be presented in an access or deletion request. That being said, this volume should be very minimal - between the lower megabyte and lower kilobyte size range at most.





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