Intake Form Policies Based on Location

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Understanding the location of a Data Subject is important when identifying which policy is applicable to begin processing the request.


DataGrail automatically detects the Requester's geographic location by identifying their IP address. Once detected, your DataGrail Privacy Intake Form will pre-fill the data subject's country/state and dynamically populate the correct Policy based on that location (ex: if geo-location is France, GDPR request options will auto-populate).


The Requester is able to manually change their location before submitting their privacy request as well. Should this happen, the Policy will dynamically update to reflect the request types available based on that location.


In the below clip, you can see that the geographic location of the Requester is in California, USA; providing Request Types for CCPA. When the user manually changes their location to France, the Request Types automatically update to reflect the applicable policy.


Processors of these requests will be able to see the automatically detected location and manually updated location with the Request Manager.


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