Compliance Dashboard Overview

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The Compliance Dashboard is designed as a centralized area for users to be able to see the status of their requests and track them accordingly. Note: Only users with Admin or Request Manager roles are able to view the Compliance Dashboard


Compliance Dashboard

This tool provides the DataGrail user with a clear display of compliance requests and indicators for Past Due, Warning, and On Time requests. The Compliance Dashboard breaks down this information into two sections, providing a quick overview of all Active and Closed requests. 



To view this Dashboard, navigate to the Request Manager > Compliance Dashboard within the DataGrail platform


Once any privacy request is submitted, it will appear on the Active Requests section so that you and your team are able to view it in progress and track its status. Once the request is closed, it will move to the Closed Requests section so that closed requests can be tracked over time. 


Viewing Policies

You are able to customize your view, choosing the desired date created and policy type to modify this dashboard according to your needs.Screen_Shot_2022-02-01_at_6.00.16_PM.png

The Compliance Dashboard provides a cohesive view of data subject request activity across the platform. This tool displays the following information:

  • Total number of Request Policy requests created during this period, with an ability to toggle between Request Policies
  • The average percentage of 'on time' requests per all requests. (see screenshot below)
  • The number of days in which a request can be completed on time.
  • Total Active Requests
    • Total active requests that have exceeded their deadline.
    • Total active requests that are at risk of exceeding their deadline.
    • Total active requests that aren't near their deadline.
  • Total Closed Requests
    • Total closed requests that exceeded their deadline.
    • Total closed requests that didn't exceed their deadline. (see screenshot below)
  • Request count across different date ranges
    • Where 'This Year' is the request count based on the current calendar year versus the 12 month year 



Note: Hovering over an area will display a tooltip for context on the UI views.


The Compliance Dashboard indicates the percentage and number of requests made compared to the total number of requests in each stage. Each section (Active & Closed) provides a “View All” link that leads to the  respective Data Subject Requests, as well as a percentage and number count of all requests. 


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