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Define Multiple Business Use Cases

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The Multiple Inventory System Reports feature gives Privacy Managers a way of representing multiple business use cases for each system in the Live Data Map Inventory. For example, different groups within an organization may use a system like Salesforce for different processes, have different retention periods, or process data for different types of data subjects. With Multiple Inventory Reports, you can now create individual reports to describe separate data processing activities.


Associate a system with one or more business process

When Multiple Inventory Reports are enabled, your existing reports will be associated with the “General” category. When a new system is added to the Inventory, it will be associated with the General business process by default; however, you may add additional processes or replace the General category altogether. 

Each additional business process added to a system generates a new Inventory System Report. DataGrail will use our default system definitions to pre-populate the new report.





Accessing Inventory Reports

Clicking on the edit button on an inventory item will bring you to the Inventory System Report navigation view.

Within this view, reports are organized by System → Business Process. Each business process under a system is a separate inventory report. Use the left hand navigation to quickly switch between inventory reports.




Removing Inventory Items and Business Processes

In the business process editing modal, you can remove assigned business processes at any time. Removing a business process for a system will also permanently delete the accompanying inventory system report. DataGrail will confirm before processing this action.

Removing an inventory system will delete all inventory reports for that system. If you re-add a previously deleted system, DataGrail will generate a new report with default metadata.




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