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Connect Integrations for Privacy Request Processing

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We’ve updated the Integrations page to make it easier to find, connect, and re-connect integrations. Here's a quick tour of some of the new functionality on this page.


New Integrations Landing Page

As part of these updates, we’ve added a new landing page. When no integrations are configured, you’ll see prompts to connect new integrations. 


Connect New Integrations 


Click on the “Configure New Integration” button to open the new integrations directory. This directory shows all of the integrations that DataGrail currently supports. Enter your search terms to find a particular integration and then click “Configure” to connect.


Once you click connect, you’ll see the connections modal. Fill out the required fields or consult the HelpDocs for assistance. When you’ve successfully connected an integration, it will be automatically enabled for use in Request Manager for future privacy requests (if compatible). All of your connections will appear in the Integrations landing page as you add them. 


See Connection Statuses a Glance

In the new landing page, you’ll be able to see which integrations are connected as well as any integrations with connection issues. Integrations with connections issues will now be highlighted in red. Click “Edit” to inspect and re-configure the connection.  



Please reach out to  if you have any questions on the above!


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