Selecting the Right Processor Email Address

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When connecting a Direct Contact integration, the processor email represents the person who will utilize the Direct Contact processor flow to retrieve or delete data for a system in response to a privacy request.

When deciding what email to utilize for the processor email, there are a couple different options:

  1. Enter in the email address of an internal employee who has admin access to this system. This approach generally leads to more high response rates and quick response time.
  2. If an internal employee is unable to retrieve or delete data from the system, the secondary option is to enter the privacy alias of this 3rd party system, which can typically be found on the privacy policy linked on their website. This approach is less preferred to the first as it can lead to lower response rates and longer processing times.


If you choose to move forward with the first option, you can also create and enter a group email address to allow multiple system admins to be contacted to complete the request instead of a single admin being responsible for all requests.


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