Automating Privacy Requests

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Automate your data subject access requests (DSAR) with DataGrail.

Fewer people. Less time. Less stress.

On average, 26 people touch a data subject request in an organization, introducing human error and inefficiencies. Within minutes, complete a data subject request (DSR), eliminating error-prone manual processes and ensuring continuous compliance.


When a data subject request (DSR) comes in, Request Manager instantly identifies where personal data is located across your entire business through our discovery process, accesses it, and populates the details of the request into your online dashboard. Fulfill DSRs accurately, efficiently and seamlessly without the risk of missing any steps.

Keep inbound subject requests organized by funneling them through a request form on your website. All requests that come through the form will automatically populate in your compliance dashboard and send you notifications to keep you on track.

Forms are branded, user-friendly, and easily accessible to create a personalize experience for your customers.

privacy request form


Verifying a data subject's identity before you fulfill a request is a vital step in your privacy request process. Minimize the data subjects involved by asking them to submit more personal data such as passports, selfies, or government IDs.

DataGrail's Smart Verification uses pre-existing data to authenticate user identities, saving them time and preventing undue risk to your company.

identity verification form


Manage and monitor every data subject from one reporting dashboard:

  • View all active requests individually by status or type.
  • Receive notifications when legal deadlines are approaching.
  • Anonymously track deletion requests.

data subject request dashboard

Managing Privacy Requests without DataGrail :

  • Fulfill one subject request at a time by collaborating closely with multiple internal team members and external parties.


Managing Privacy Requests with DataGrail : 

  • Eliminate endless email threads with in-platform project management.
  • Authorize third-party vendors to perform DSAR's on behalf of others.
  • Notify data subjects automatically once requests have been fulfilled.


Learn more about how you can protect your customer's personal data by scheduling a demo with DataGrail!

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