Removing Integrations From Your DataGrail Account

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DataGrail customers often change services they use, no longer need to use the system, or simply decide to switch from an API to a Direct Contact (or vice versa) integration. This article describes how you can remove connections you no longer utilize from your DataGrail account.

What Does ‘Removing’ A Connection Mean?

When a user removes a connection from their DataGrail account, all credentials associated with this connection will be removed from DataGrail and the connection will be removed from the UI of the Integrations tab. 

If the connection removed is one of many connection paths associated with an Integration/system, only that singular connection will be affected by the above expected behavior.

The Remove Connection clickable link will appear on the connection popup and references that displayed connection. 

For an integration/system with multiple connections, the initial/first connection is default displayed when the connection popup is opened. To remove the non-initial connection, the user will need to utilize the dropdown connection menu to select the desired connection to remove it. 

If the connection is the last one for an integration, the entire integration tile will no longer be visible.

You will be able to add new connections in the future for the same system. Names from deleted connections can be re-used to create new connections. 



Confirmation Popup

When a user selects to remove a connection, a confirmation message will be displayed with an optional message input UI for the user to cite the context around the connection removal. This message is surfaced to users that receive the email confirmation of connection removal.



Processing The Removal

If it takes less than 10 seconds, the user attempting to remove the connection will see a green popup indicating that the connection was removed on the top of the Integrations Tab.


Email Confirmation

When a system is removed from your account, an email confirmation will send that contains: 

  • The name of the Connection that was removed
  • System that the Connection belonged to
  • Which user removed the Connection (first name/last name only)
    • There is currently no fallback if the user does not have a first name/last name
  • Date and time of Connection removal (currently this will be PST timezone)
  • [Optional] the user’s reason to remove the Connection


If the connection being deleted is one of many connections associated with an integration or system, the name of the Integration as it appears on the Integration tab will also appear in this email.


Who will be notified of a removed connection?

Only roles that can connect integrations will be notified when they have been removed. In DataGrail, those roles are Super Admin and Connections Manager. Specifically: 

  • Super Admin: Will be notified when any connection for any system has been removed.
  • Connections Manager: Will be notified when connections for systems that have been assigned to have been removed.


How Does Removing a Connection Impact Privacy Requests?

Request Manger: First and Third Party Integrations

If a connection is being utilized for the Request Manager product to support privacy requests, this will also be removed from all active privacy requests but will be maintained for historical reference on any closed privacy requests.

Request Manger: Do Not Sell

If a connection is being utilized for the Request Manager > Do Not Sell product to support do not sell requests, removing this connection will immediately stop supporting any active do not sell requests.

Live Data Map: System Detection

If a connection is being utilized for the Live Data Map product in support of System Detection to better inform your System Inventory, removing this connection will stop any system detection associated with this system.

Any previously detected systems via this source System will remain both in the System Inventory and/or in the ‘Add New System’ > Detected Systems section.


Which Connections are Excluded from Removal?

Connections that are excluded from removal are:


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